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Each week I bring the best tips and strategies for beginning a blog, building an online presence, managing a WordPress website and stepping into social media. This podcast is geared for the beginner, non technical online entrepreneur. Listen free on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or Google Play Music or right here under podcasts. You can DIY your business.

Guided Website Build For Beginners

Create a beautiful website for your blog or business. This instructor led online course will teach non-technical users how to set up and design a WordPress Website. You will be led step by step through the process by Diane and have live access to for help, questions, and strategy as you go.

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Be epic online! Please join us! The Digitally Sassy Facebook Group is a Social learning group geared to women who work online. As a social learning group, you will have access to exclusive learning content and resources to support your online dreams, and a group of like minded women to cheer you on. Join us today!

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Canada2019-01-185Camilla_TCA must-listen to podcast for any business owner!This is a wonderful podcast that explains all the online stuff a business owner or hobbiest should know and be aware of. It's even better than promised, because not only does Diane explain things in plain language, but she motivates and encourages and it makes me want to jump on it and get started right away! It's given me lots of great ideas and more importantly, spelled out how I can execute them successfully. Can't wait for more!
Canada2019-01-105windhorsehealingLoving itThank you for sharing all these amazing tidbits. The podcast is helping me step by step figure out how to market my business more effectively. I’m enjoying the warm and friendly discussion like we are chatting over coffee. Look forward to listening to more episodes(after I do my homework☺️)
United States2018-11-145Patricia Y LCSWGreat info for learning new skills!Love this podcast! The host provides thoughtful content to bring us up to speed with practical skills for digital marketing. She is responsive and even mentioned me in an episode after I posted a question in her Facebook group—which is another free resource she provides! I’ve learned about new productivity apps and ways to make my business even better!
United States2018-11-125rhondeleBe specific and consistentFunny, I've been helping coaches with branding for a long time but the way Diane articulates what branding is for and what to focus on is really helpful. I'm particularly taking away be specific and consistent with your brand.

Meet Diane.

Your Online Business & Blogging Coach

Hello! I am so glad you are here! I have been working online since the internet was in its infancy. With over 20+ years experience with online business, and freelancing as a web and graphic designer, I bring a wealth of experience I want to share with you. I really do have a passion to help others succeed, so if you have landed here I hope you will join our community of other Sassy Women making dreams happen on the internet.

You’ll find in these pages a passion for entrepreneurship (yours!), a love of community and an excitement for the technology that can help small business grow BIG!

When the internet came on board (1991) I immediately embraced it and built my first website and a world wide community of new mothers. It was a remarkable experience. In 1996 I was named one of Chatelaine Magazine’s women of the year for being a Digital Woman”. I haven’t looked back; I loved this technology that connects people. 

My Background Includes:

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Digital strategy leadership
  • Certified Project Manager
  • Certificates from eMA in:
    • Advanced Web Marketing
    • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
    • Advanced Email Marketing
  • Graphic designer – full Adobe Suite
  • Video creation & editing
  • Web page development
  • Specializing in WordPress websites
  • Business owner
  • Online business coaching
  • E-learning development and formal university training
Owner Digitally Sassy - beginner bloggers, creatives and e-business
Digitally sassy building WordPress website for beginner

Our Mission

Digitally Sassy coaches women entrepreneurs on building and promoting their online presence. From creating your own WordPress website, developing blogs, gaining skills in social media to providing tools & resources that help your business grow.

Pinky swear for ethical online practices

My Pinky Swear

I promise with a pinky swear to promote ethical practices online in hopes we can help raise the bar for how business is conducted on the internet. Through my guidance, we share this philosophy with those starting out to DIY their online business.

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I'm pretty friendly and would love to hear from you!
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