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" sas·sy . sasē . adjective informal . lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky."


Each week I bring the best tips and strategies for beginning a blog, building an online presence, managing a WordPress website and stepping into social media. This podcast is geared for the beginner, non technical online entrepreneur. Listen free on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify or Google Play Music or right here under podcasts. You can DIY your business.

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Be epic online! Please join us! The Digitally Sassy Facebook Group is a Social learning group geared to women who work online. As a social learning group, you will have access to exclusive learning content and resources to support your online dreams, and a group of like minded women to cheer you on. Join us today!

New! The alberta digitally sassy creative entrepreneur community.

This is a place where Alberta women can network and find support for their online business. Whether you are blogging, an artist, podcaster, running a shop, photographer or other creative this place is for you. If you are just starting or thinking about starting an online business, this will also be a great resource for you. I love helping newbies!

Desk of a blogger

My Mission

Digitally Sassy coaches women entrepreneurs on building and promoting their online presence. From creating your own WordPress website, developing blogs, gaining skills in social media to providing tools & resources that help your business grow.

Pinky swear for ethical online practices Digitally Sassy

My Pinky Swear

I promise with a pinky swear to promote ethical practices online in hopes we can help raise the bar for how business is conducted on the internet. Through my guidance, we share this philosophy with those starting out to DIY their online business.