17 – Ten Ways to Increase Your Social Media Engagement

Episode Summary – Ten ways to increase your social media engagement

Good engagement on your Social media channels is key to building relationships, loyalty and trust with your audience. It is an important element of brand awareness, conversions and profits. This episode explores ways you can easily increase engagement on your profiles rather than posting content with wishful thinking. Yes, content is important, but engaging content is better.

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Key Points – Increasing Social Media Engagement

1) Use Images
2) Schedule your posts when your audience is online
3) Ask questions
4) Ask for the reaction you want
5) Go Live
6) Promote attractive offers
7) Join Facebook groups
8) Share other people’s content
9) Keep your Social Media Posts short and sweet
10) Add gamification

Take Away Quote:

” At its basics, engagement is a measurement of interaction between your content and others. It is measured through likes, shares, follows, re-tweets et cetera.”



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