18 – Authenticity Online – the Myths and Truths of Being You

Episode Summary – Authenticity Online – the Myths and Truths of Being You

Putting yourself out there can be one of the biggest fears and barriers to launching and running your online business. Do you have a fear sharing personal information, being criticized online, of not knowing enough? In this episode, we look at how those fears can benefit your business, how criticism can make you successful and what being authentic really means. And no – you don’t need to share it all online. In fact please don’t. I provide you with some strategies that will help you move forward online, and be comfortable putting yourself out there. I invite you to join the Digitally Sassy Facebook community where you will find more resources and a lovely group of women to support your online goals.

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Key Points Authenticity Online – Putting Yourself Out There.

  • Get comfortable with how social media works by practicing and observing.
  • Visibility can often increase feelings of vulnerability. Lean into the new experience, into being uncomfortable.
  • You are in control of what you share. Authenticity does not equate to sharing absolutely everything. In fact, you shouldn’t.
  • Know where your boundaries are.
  • Where your business hat when faced with criticism. Critique can make your business stronger and may motivate you to make small pivots in what you are doing allowing you to achieve greater success.
  • being authentic means sharing your personality, developing relationships and being human.
  • You do not need to compromise your privacy to work online.

Take Away Quote:

” He who deliberates fully before taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg. Chinese proverb.”
“Being authentic means being human. It is sharing your personality, perhaps even your quirks. It is showing empathy to others and allows you to connect with your audience.”


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