20 – Eleven Ways to Improve Your Work Productivity and Balance Your Life

Episode Summary – 11 Ways to Improve Your Home Business Productivity

This episode shares great tips that will help you be efficient in your work and allow you to have time for your friends, family and yourself. These tips are geared to help you focus and move your online business forward while remaining balanced in your life. Our time is finite. It is the one resource we all wish we would have more of, but something you do not have control over. What we can do is change how we use our time. Being efficient and working smartly is a great way to find time and that all important balance. Show notes can be found at digitallysassy.com.


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Key Points – Eleven Ways to Improve Your Work Productivity 

1)  Have a clear routine for transitioning to the office.
2) Have a designated workspace that is just your’s improves productivity.
3) Take a Day Away and set up in a coffee shop or library.
4) Know ahead of time what you are going to be working on.
5) Know your work style. When are you most Productive.
6) Avoid the social media rabbit hole by working in batches.
7) Take regular breaks helps your productivity.
8) Communicate expectations with those you share your home with.
9) Find apps to streamline repetitive tasks.
10) Keep a rolling parking lot of things that come up.
11) Take care of you.

Take Away Quotes:

” Improving your productivity helps you to improve your focus and lets business move forward in a way that there are no extreme sacrifices.”
” I encourage you to really examine how you are working, what barriers or distractions are impacting your productivity. Ask yourself if there is anything that can be shifted or changed to help you. So essentially you would look to define the problem and then brainstorm a list of solutions that may help.”

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