23 – Influencer Disclosure; the How, What and Why

Episode Summary: Best practices for Influencer disclosure

If you are starting to work with brands, offer affiliate links and participate in other collaborations it is important to understand what is expected of you. This podcast goes over the Disclosure Guidelines document produced by Canada’s Ad Standards. This document was created with consideration of other legal, regulatory organizations around the world. As such most of the content, if not all, is also relevant to those located in the US.  You will learn when, how and why of disclosure and what are the best practices. This podcast should not be taken for legal advice or interpretation of the law.

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Resources: Influencer Disclosure

Instruction for No-follow Links: 
  • According to Google’s webmaster guidelines, any links that you pay for or you are paid for should be nofollow links.
  • This is the code snippet you need to add to your links, if your site does not do this for you:
    • rel=”nofollow”
  • A link would look like this with the code added:
    • <a href=”signin.php” rel=”nofollow”> Sign In</a>

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