29 – Three Tips to Work Fast Like a Cheetah

Episode Summary:

 These three tips will make your online work be Cheetah fast. Whether you are blogging, running a website, e-commerce store or other online business these tips will help you get your work done faster so you have more time for other things. Time to be fast like a Cheetah! 

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Key Points:

  1. Learn Keyboard short-cuts. They are a game changer.
    • control – c: copy
    • control – v: paste
    • control – z: undo
    • control – x: cut, but keep on clipboard so you can later paste.
    • For Macs substitute the command key for the control key. 
  2.  Take time to learn the app you are at. Don’t bounce around between different applications as you will always be in a state of learning rather than efficiency.
  3. Be wary of over customization. They can be unnecessary time eaters.

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