34 – Eight Great Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Episode Summary:

This episode looks at eight great ways to leverage the work you have already done whether a blog post, podcast, YouTube video etc. Get the most from your efforts and generate new fresh content for a wider audience. We look at how to choose the works for repurposing, tools to create some new content and the benefits of leveraging what you have already done.

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Show Notes:

Reusing and repurposing the work and research you have already done for your online project can really benefit your reach by getting your content out in front of new eyes. This is the summary of the tips you will find in this episode.

  1. Re-purpose to YouTube
  2. Combine similar topics to create a complete guide.
  3.  Turn your interviews into an expert tips guide book.
  4. Create infographics
  5. Turn a blog post into a podcast or vice-versa.
  6. Republish your content on third-party sites.
  7. Repurpose using Headliner
  8. Use components of an existing popular post and expand on it.

Resources Mentioned in Eight Great Ways to Repurpose Your Content.

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