35 – Beginners Guide to Online Business Slang

Episode Summary:

As you begin to work online you will discover a whole new set of words. This jargon can add to the overwhelm as it takes extra work to understand their meaning and how a word might apply to you. In this episode, I talk about eight common words that are unique to the online business world. Whether you are blogging, selling creative arts, podcasting or other pursuits this business slang defined will help you navigate online. I will also be building out a more complete glossary on this website. 

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Show Notes:

While this episode covers eight slang words, come back soon to access a more complete free online jargon glossary.

  1. Round-up – A compilation of expert tips, ideas etc around a theme.
  2. Google Juice – SEO activities that help increase your Search Engine Rankings like back-links.
  3. Avatar & Gravatar – An image you use to represent yourself. Gravatar is an online tool that helps to automate the process when commenting online.
  4. Micro Blog – Short messages to share with an online audience.
  5. Listicle – Content that is developed in the form of a list.
  6. Mastermind – A group that uses education, brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support lead by an experienced facilitator.
  7.  Blog Roll – List of other blogs you like. Can be used in Podcasts and Videos.
  8. Blogroll
  9. Creative Commons –  provides free easy to use copyright licences for online creative work.



Creative Commons

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