5 – An Introduction to WordPress

Episode Summary – An Introduction to WordPress:

Are you new to WordPress? Have you been thinking about starting a website or blog? This episode provides an introduction to WordPress, how it works, and tips you should know before setting your site up. We also explore the difference between wordpress.com, wordpress.org, and managed WordPress hosting. Information is geared to the non-technical user and provides you with a better understanding of WordPress as you move forward in your online journey.

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Key Points – An Introduction to WordPress:

  1. WordPress powers 31% of the web. It can be used as a content management system for blogs or websites without blogs. There’s so much support for the software that it allows you to be less reliant on a web designer.
  2. WordPress runs online in the cloud. It’s not installed on your local pc, allowing you to edit your website or blog from anywhere.
  3. The WordPress Core provides the functionality to this Content Management System. WordPress makes it easy for you to post new articles, comments, and images into your website or blog.
  4. Themes provide the look and feel for your site. WordPress does not function without a theme. Themes provide colors, font styling, blog post styles, page styles, widget locations etc. The theme provides the ability to design and style your website or blog.
  5. Plugins add special features and function’s to your WordPress website.
  6. Choose themes and plug-ins that are updated regularly, have good support from the developer, and compatible with the current WordPress version.
  7. WordPress.org is where you can download a copy of the WordPress software to upload to your own hosting account.
  8. WordPress.com is a hosting site where you can begin blogging for free but has many limitations unless you purchase a paid plan.
  9. Managed WordPress hosting is a preferred way to host your site for beginners. Low but rates are available for Digitally Sassy listeners on Picasso Domains.

Takeaway Quotes – An Introduction to WordPress:

“[12:24] the one caution I have about plugins, is don’t go crazy with them because if something’s going to break in your site it is often a plugin that’s not playing nice and that will often come after an upgrade, whether it’s a WordPress core, a new version or your theme, or the plugin has a new version.”

“[21:35] I would say most major bloggers and websites are on a self-hosted site.
And the reason for that is you own your data, you own your site, you own your content. You can control your plugins, you can control your themes and you’re in charge. And at the end of the day, that’s going to become increasingly important to you as you move forward in your WordPress and blogging journey.”

Resources – An Introduction to WordPress:

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