Episode Summary:

In this episode, we explore the benefits and the challenges of blogging. Before you begin a blog it is important to understand just what it takes before you invest time and money. Blogs can be highly rewarding but are a marathon to success – not a sprint. If you are a beginner blogger or thinking about blogging this episode will be of value to you.

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Key Points

  1.  Getting traction as a blogger takes time. Being consistent in your posts and social media presence is key to success. It is important to mentally be prepared for the long haul.
  2. The founding principal of blogging is to bring people to your website where you can engage and inform your customers. Blogging can drive 95% more inbound links to your website.
  3. There are seven key traits you need to blog. You may also be surprised at the skills you don’t need.


“Being an eager learner will get you to the finish line faster when you actively seek out information when you actively enrich yourself. “

“Going back to that learner, you’re going to progress, you’re going to learn and you’re going to become more sophisticated in what you’re doing. The only way to get to there is to begin at the beginning.”

“So even though at the very beginning you’re talking to crickets and you’re wondering if anyone is going to read your blog, as time goes on and that post stays online new people who discover you slowly start reading all your content. So even though you’re doing crickets at the beginning, at the end, that post that was crickets will be singing loud and strong.”

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