Episode Summary for Defining Your Key Audience

Discover and define who your audience is by developing personas. In this first of a Foundations Series, I will lead you through the development of a persona and explain how critical this is to the work you are doing online.

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Key Points for Defining Your Key Audience

  1. Developing personas and knowing who your audience is, will lay the foundation for all your marketing and many business decisions in the future.
  2. Personas will influence communication styles, look and feel of your website as well as where you spend time on social media.

Takeaway Quotes from Defining Your Key Audience

” But you might be saying, Diane, I have more than one persona and that is totally cool. Most businesses do.” “So this first of the foundation series is going to walk you through the ideal customer for your business. Who is your market? Who are you targeting? Who are you talking to? Whose problem are you solving? And we’re going to work through how you figured that out.” “Our persona is a fictional character that you’re putting together that looks at demographics, pain points and how your business can help”

Resources from Defining Your Key Audience

Persona Development Worksheet

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