6 – Foundation Series – Learn how to pick the best domain name, hosting and social media handles.

Episode Summary – Pick the best domain name, hosting and social media handles:

Whether you are just starting out, or you are moving a business online this episode shows you the process of choosing a great domain name, social media handles and hosting account. I explain how these all work together and give you tips that save you time and money.


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Key Points – Pick the best domain name, hosting and social media handles

  1. If you have a business offline and are bringing it online, you want a domain that is close to your existing name. You don’t want to need to promote two different brand names. There are a few tips that can help you align your brand if your first choice for a domain is taken.
  2. There are times when you may want to register more than one domain.
  3. Research your proposed domain name to ensure it is not being used in anyway online. Also, search through the online intellectual property registrations (links below in resources), and that the domain hasn’t been previously used and may be blacklisted.
  4. Searching and registering social media handles that align with your preferred domain name is critical for working online.
  5. Using your personal name as a domain works if you are the brand, and that no one else could do what you are doing. If you plan to possibly sell your business down the road then using your name is not the best choice.
  6. When choosing a host you need to look at what your needs are, rather than price. Most new websites and blogs do just fine on a shared hosting plan.
  7. Hosting providers often offer a low signup price or perhaps include free things. Do make sure you have an understanding of what it is you’re signing up for and what your renewal cost is going to be.
  8. In the long run, it is very important you own your own domain so that if you move from a site to another host, you would bring all those SEO benefits that you’ve been working so hard for with you. On the hosting side make sure you can back up your data and move it if the need arises. With some of those visual editors out there, you do do not necessarily own or have access to your data in the way you would on your own self-hosted site.

Takeaway Quotes – Pick the best domain name, hosting and social media handles

“[08:20] So if you want the number two{in your domain}, … I would register them both just to make sure you’re capturing all the customers and clients. Again, domains, for the most part, are relatively inexpensive to buy. So adding another domain, typically, if it’s not one of the premium or competitive domains, you’ll be able to get it for $20 and under. And just a tip, if you do end up registering multiple domains, you don’t have to build multiple websites in case you’re thinking that. You can forward your other domains to your main site. “

“[14:11] …the thing with domains is that they are not considered intellectual property, and you think they would, but they’re not. It’s the use of a domain name that is close to an intellectual property name, such as a registered tradename, that can cause problems for you. “

“[23:27] If you’re registering your .com, what you really want to pay attention to the privacy checkbox. It prevents people from seeing your personal information online. There’s a website, and it’s very handy if you’re looking up who owns a certain domain,  called “whois”. I will leave that link again on my website, but you can look up who is registered to that domain so you can find their name and their address. Now with the privacy, your domain provider puts their name and address in there so you are protected that way.”

“[24:31] So let’s talk about the hosting side of things because there’s so much confusion and every web host says they’re the best. They’re the fastest. They have the best customer service and everyone likes a lot of them and that’s because there’s a lot of good ones, but it just adds confusion to the mix and there are certain things I would look at. Now the question that gets asked is who should I host with? And it really depends on you and your business and what you’re doing.”

Resources – Pick the best domain name, hosting and social media handles

Picasso Domains

Site Ground

Digitally Sassy Facebook Group



US Patent and Trademark Office

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

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