10 – Foundation Series – Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization for Beginners Episode Summary:

Learn how to be ranked well on Google with nine easy steps to optimizing your website for this Search Engine. In this episode, I break down the fundamentals on how Google works and how you can best optimize your website or blog to rank well. Search Engine Optimization for Beginners will help explain and get you going on your own SEO efforts. Learn how you can help Google play matchmaker and introduce your content to customers who are looking for it. Do-able strategies for the non-technical blogger or website owner. This post contains affiliate links, which means I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase. This helps us to create great content for you. Thank you!

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Key Points for Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

  1.  At its foundation, SEO is about helping Google understand the content and value of your website.
  2. This episode offers 9 SEO tips to help beginners optimize their website for search engines and improve site ranking. We explore these concepts and practices:
    1. Be mobile friendly
    2. Build internal links and use good keyword anchor text.
    3. Develop quality backlinks
    4. Optimize your images with metadata
    5. Use good Grammar and spelling
    6. Have an SSL certificate on your website
    7. Use Keywords, or longtail keywords and where to place them.
    8. Update your website often
    9. Keep at it, SEO is not set and forget.
  3. Overall writing good quality, relevant content is a foundation for ranking well. SEO helps to tell Google what your site is about and just how great it is.

Takeaway Quotes from Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

“I like to think of search engines, as a match-maker for websites. To make a good match between the user and website they need to know your content, how good it is, and would you set up your best friend with this site? And that’s kind of the mindset you need for Google.”  “Google’s looking to do the best job it can at providing really good search results for its users and in order for it to share your website, it needs to know that your site is a good match for that particular users.” “Over the years Google has tweaked and tweaked it’s algorithm to improve search results. That can be problematic if you have been trying to manipulate google rather than help it. So what happens is they’ll have a certain algorithm running and, people will figure out how to manipulate that search engine. And so they tweak it again. So whatever results you were doing well in, will suddenly disappear. The solution to riding out the changes is to keep your content and your focus on your audience so that Google can be the best matchmaker it can be for your website and it’s users. That is the best approach to being successful for longevity. “

Resources to help Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

Grammarly – The World’s Best Automated Proofreader  – Not just a spell checker Grammarly scans your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes, spanning everything from subject-verb agreement to article use to modifier placement. You also get detailed explanations for all your mistakes and weekly progress reports to keep you on the ball. Google prefers good spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. This tool makes it a breeze. Google Search Engine Optimization Guide – A detailed guide from Google on Optimizing online content for their Search Engine. Ubersuggests – a free keyword research tool great for your long-tail phrases,  It provides hundreds of suggestions and includes data on volume, the competition, and even seasonal trends for each keyword. Google Keyword Planner – search words or phrases related to your website or blog topic. This planner helps to find the keywords that are most relevant to your business. It is part of Google’s Adsense program and can be used for free. Keywords Everywhere – a free Chrome extension that provides you with search volume, competition data, and related keywords. Yoast –  A recommended SEO plugin for WordPress SEO Press – Another recommended SEO plugin for WordPress Digitally Sassy Facebook Group -The Digitally Sassy Facebook Group is a Social learning group geared to women online entrepreneurs. The perfect place to start blogging, begin an online business, learn about social media, build WordPress websites and be successful online. As a social learning group, you will have access to exclusive learning content and resources to support your online dreams. This community of women is a safe place to ask questions, get support, celebrate success and work through challenges as you DIY your business.

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