Gamification in Online Marketing

Episode Summary:

Learn about four do-able ideas to add gamification to your content. You can increase your engagement, help build a loyal following, and have your business stand out. This episode will also look at internet Easter Eggs. Play is fundamental to our human nature. Be sure to bring some of those elements into the work you are doing online. Show notes and resources mentioned are available at digitallysassy.com.

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Key Points and Resources

  • Gamification is the concept of bringing game elements into your online marketing and other work.
  • Gamification can increase engagement, build loyal customer/users and help you be memorable.
  • The ideas elaborated on in this podcast include a scavenger hunt, quizzes and polls, challenges, and lead generation activities.
  • Internet Easter eggs are little snippets of hidden code. When the correct action is taken on a site it triggers something fun and unique.
  • Digitally Sassy’s home page uses an Easter Egg code called Konomi.
    • To access the hidden surprise use the Konami code: (↑) (↑) (↓) (↓) (←) (→) (←) (→) (B) (A) 
  • A couple of Google Easter eggs can be uncovered by typing in the search bar: Do a barrel roll, and another by typing askew.
  • Facebook language settings use to have a talk like a pirate choice, now you can choose English upside down.


  • WordPress plugin: WP Optin Wheel Pro
  • WordPress plugin: H5P

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