7 – Important Do’s and Don’ts of Email Lists

Episode Summary – Important Do’s and Don’ts of Email Lists:

Learn four important email do’s and four email don’ts that will help you build a great email subscriber list.  In this episode, I cover some of the complexities of email and the best practices in managing your email subscriber lists that will increase your open rates and help you avoid being flagged as a spammer.

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Key Points – Important Do’s and Don’ts of Email Lists

  1. Having a strong email subscriber lists gives you control over your communication with your audience. You own the data, and algorithm changes will not affect your list.
  2. Each email client will display your emails a bit differently, including changing the fonts. It is a good idea to keep the layout simple and professional. As well as testing your email by sending it to a few of your personal emails first can help ensure it displays relatively well.
  3. Your subject line will impact your open rate. Take time to develop a great one, while avoiding words that may trigger Spam filters.
  4. In Canada, the average open rate is 23.77% and in the US is 21%. Knowing your benchmarks can help you determine if your open rate is inline or not.
  5. Welcome messages see an open rate of 91.43%. Be sure to send those!
  6. Drip email campaigns are great for building relationships and onboarding new customers.
  7. When you decided to offer subscriptions to your emails, you need to be ready to send your emails right away; regardless of how many subscribers you have.
  8. Only collect the data you need, and will use.

Takeaway Quotes – Important Do’s and Don’ts of Email Lists

“[02:47]A double opt-in means they come to your website, they fill out the form, and then they receive an email in which they have to click on the accept button or link that’s provided for them to confirm their email and opt into your list.”

“[03:31] …that double opt-in really ensures that your list is clean and it’s people who really wanted because there’s no point in sending emails to people who aren’t opening them, who aren’t reading them and who don’t care.”

“[06:32] Keep your layout simple and professional. So one thing you may not know until you start sending out emails is that every email client out there (so whether it is webmail or Gmail or it’s coming into Outlook), those actually can change the way your email looks.”

“[13:32] First of all, most of those (purchased or rented email lists) are harvested in illegal ways. You’ll be labeled as a spammer and generally, the people on those lists are not going to be your audience. You’ll have really low open rates. You won’t have an engagement, you’re not going to have sales from them.

Resources – Important Do’s and Don’ts of Email Lists

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