3 – Six Tips for Coping with Impostor Syndrome and Overwhelm

Episode Summary  – Coping with Overwhelm & Imposter Syndrome:

Learn six key strategies to cope with those feelings of being overwhelmed or the feeling you are not qualified (impostor syndrome). Whether you are blogging, developing a website or other online business it is easy to let those feelings of overwhelm and not being qualified take over. Don’t let them. Most of us working online have those feelings at one point or another. This episode will provide tips and strategies to calm those nagging feelings of doubt and anxiety.

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Key Points – Coping with Overwhelm & Imposter Syndrome:

  1. Feelings of being overwhelmed or that you are pretending online as in Impostor Syndrome are real. They happen to all of us and can ebb and flow.
  2. Knowing your goals can help you edit out all the information that comes at you that is not relevant. They allow you to prioritize, have focus and ensure your work moves you forward.
  3. Taking time to unplug is critical. It allows your brain the space it needs to process all the new information you may be learning and eliminate the chaos.
  4. Creativity, articulation and planning can not come from tired minds and weary bodies. Fit in self care each day.
  5. If you are honest, genuine and not pretending to be anyone else you are qualified. No one is qualified to be you, but you.
  6. Finding trusted sources of information can go along way to eliminate the noise of information overload found online.

Takeaway Quotes – Coping with Overwhelm & Imposter Syndrome:

“[02:26] Know there’s always going to be somebody who knows more than you and there’s always going to be somebody who knows less than you”

“[03:13] If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know how to get there and you end up spinning and redoing a lot more than you need to.”

“[04:52] As you go about your day, your thoughts will wander in and out of had and helping to put the right pieces in the right cupboards of your brain so it really does help with that information overload and it gives you time to process and absorb what you have been learning online.”

Resources – Coping with Overwhelm & Imposter Syndrome:

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