13 – Ten great ways to save money when you are working online.

Episode Summary – Ten Great Ways to Save Money

Are you a new blogger, new online creator or launching an e-commerce store? The best way to make money is to save money. When you are starting out with a new blog, an e-commerce website or other online work money to spend on apps and services can be a challenge. Bootstrapping a business takes creativity and careful allocation of your budget. In this episode, I share ten ways you can save money, find discounts and make the most of what you have invested in. With a foot set in your current reality and an eye towards your future growth, these tips will help you navigate and make the most out of your purchasing power.

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Key Points – Ten Great Ways for online creators to Save Money

In this episode, you will learn great money saving tips and hacks including:

  1. What to and not to purchase from your domain and hosting provider.
  2. Best ways to leverage free versions of apps and plug-ins.
  3. Abandoned cart hack.
  4. How to find coupons and discounts.
  5. Buying for your current needs with an eye to the future.
  6. The month-month short-term hack.
  7. AppSumo.
  8. Leverage newsletter subscriptions.
  9. Use all functions of an app.
  10. Tips for saving money on design costs.

Takeaway Quotes – Ten Great Ways for online creators to Save Money

“There is a lot of disagreement on what works online, what you need to figure out is what works for you, what are you planning on doing and does it have the features that you need. So when you start with the free version it lets you try it and then it allows you to really make sure it is what you need.”

“I think it is sometimes easy to go online and think bigger than you are and buy more than you need. So if you’re starting off, say in the housing market, you start with a starter home and then as you outgrow that and your family grows and things like that, you move up to a larger home. And then from there, maybe you are really doing well in your career and you can go to an even larger home. But you’re starting small with that and that can be really important because if you start buying the bigger house right off the way, you won’t be able to pay the bills because you don’t have that income coming in. ”

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